» » Walls server by LBSG for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

Walls server by LBSG for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

This server is created for a team game of 5 people.
What is the purpose? In total there are 4 teams in each of which there are 5 people. Teams are given 15 minutes to development - production of iron, make armor etc. After 15 minutes the wall will collapse and you hope will be only on their playing skills - the real war begins.

The team, which will last moves higher and higher to get your prize.

How to join the server?
1. You must be registered on LBSG
2. Go to the website and log elim.lbsg.net
3. If you're being invited, your invitations will be in the tab «Invitations»

Would look like the window of your team.

Walls server by LBSG for Minecraft PE 0.10.5


sass lord (11 March 2016 20:53)
Group: Guest
Sassy like an overgrown grassy yard and I'm sassy like an overgrown grassy yard y'all ?
Unknown 93881948 (3 August 2015 09:15)
Group: Guest
I can't join the server help it's also saying its private
weidongchong (17 July 2015 04:49)
Group: Guest
What ip and port
caleb (16 July 2015 19:04)
Group: Guest
miy bueno
hajsbz (8 June 2015 10:26)
Group: Guest
What the ip
XxPiguShamxX (24 May 2015 08:24)
Group: Guest
How i join mcpe walls

Plz i want to join really bad
HugoHernandez (2 May 2015 03:08)
Group: Guest
Agregame porfa, me llamo HugoHernandez
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