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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft Server » How to create a server on Minecraft 1.7.10

How to create a server on Minecraft 1.7.10

Those who will say that it is very difficult to create Minecraft own server, you obviously cheated. The fact that this procedure is actually quite simple if you follow the rules and know certain subtlety. We'll talk just about the most basic, so you know on what a start.

Where to start?

If you aspire to make your own server, then you should decide where it will be placed. You can place it on hosting or home computer, whatever. Well, if you have a little money, then look for dedicated game hosting. In general, thus create minecraft server 1.7.10 will be easy. But still there are certain moments that it is desirable to draw the most attention.

Minecraft server on your home computer

If you are resolved to place on your home computer server Minecraft, you will definitely need:
- Real ip address that you will be available from the Internet. You can buy it from your provider.
- A stable channel to connect to the Internet network;
- Router;
- The system unit, that there was a large supply of RAM. The more, the better.
Another highly desirable that on this computer any more programs are not executed. Experts do not recommend playing any games on the server computer or to use third-party software, because it is the most negative impact on server performance. Although it is, and so you should be clear.
As you can see, nothing prohibitively complicated here.


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