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For-Minecraft.com » Servers for Minecraft Pocket Edition » TaleCraft Server for Minecraft PE 1.12

TaleCraft Server for Minecraft PE 1.12

You will find yourself in a real fairy tale on the TaleCraft server for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.12.0. This is the latest stable version of the game chosen for this server, download the release from our website or go to GP and AppStore. The server has a bunch of features where everyone can choose something interesting.

Money Sys:

When playing on TaleCraft, you always need to think about your wallet. Money is almost the main currency that can be spent on things, property and upgrades. Earn in different farm areas where you have to work hard before you get a reward.


You can buy a cell and rebuil it into the store. Sell your items for the price you think is adequate. The cost of cells varies depending on their location. Hurry up, very few for sale.

Clans & Groups:

If you want to unite with someone, create a team then use the clan system. It will help you play together and access some clan features.

Prison, Gambling and more:

Do not break the rules, do not attack players in green areas and behave well to be a good player. Participate in gambling to score or lose everything. This is more like lucky blocks where you open the boxes and hope only for your luck.

Mana And Upgrading:

On the right side of the screen is all available statistics. Collect mana to get improved tools designed for fast farming.

IP: Play.Talecraft.Life:19132


Zener Gaming (8 February 2020 00:08)
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