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Hyperlands Server for Minecraft PE 1.8

Former or current Hypixel players will approve this server because of their fairly large similarity in some way. First of all, Hyperlands is a dynamically developing server for both skilled players and beginners who discovered Minecraft Bedrock not so long ago and joined for the first time. The server has collected all the features that are so popular in PvP, not a minute goes by without fights.

Hyperlands is:

Ranks (paid & free)
Smart Kits
Soul Well
PvP and its subtypes
SkyWars (team option and duels)
Perks and Topboards

Join alone or with friends, but be prepared for sword strikes and flying arrows. Everything happens so quickly that you need some time to adapt. Run into the green zone if you do not want to fight and also look into the shops to buy something dangerous and durable.

IP: play.hyperlandsmc.net:19132


Zinnedyne (27 July 2019 17:37)
Group: Guest
Es super genial
MAXI58YT2004 (20 June 2019 10:17)
Group: Guest
Hola quién es el creador de este servidor??? Plox contesta

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