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For-Minecraft.com » Servers for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Creating a Minecraft Bedrock Server (Official)

Creating a Minecraft Bedrock Server (Official)

The first public alpha version of the Bedrock Edition Server is released for mobile platforms, Windows 10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, etc. A lot of players waited a long time for this version. The first rumors about it appeared more than a year ago, and they got real confirmation in June, when the corresponding section appeared on the bug tracker.

The server is presented in two versions: Windows and Linux types. A detailed instruction is attached to the server for configuration, but in general there is nothing unexpected there.

MCBE Server Features:

Support for resource packs
Support for addons! That is, you can take any favorite addon and install it on the server
Support for constructions (structures saved in nbt format)
Support for commands (whitelist, save, kick, op, ops, changesetting, stio)


The official Minecraft Bedrock Edition server currently does not support plugins. Data packs is the first stage in the implementation of addons for Minecraft Bedrock. The implementation of the Plugin API can be the next step. It is not known when the API will be presented to the public, but there is a possibility that developers will tell about it at the upcoming Minecon Earth.

Official and not official, what's the difference?

It would seem that there are already several server solutions for Minecraft Bedrock. These are numerous PocketMine clones including Nukkit, a unique MiNET project and a number of other lesser-known projects. First, now everyone can get the opportunity to create a Minecraft Bedrock vanilla server, where there will be monsters, some kind of personal Realms. Secondly, if there are enthusiasts who modify the server and implement plugin support (even in the form of some scripting language), the Plugin API will fall away.

Download Minecraft Bedrock server for Windows
Download Minecraft Bedrock server for Linux


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