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PigRaid Minecraft PE server

It's quite an old server for Minecraft PE having a great experience. Server consists of a multitude of functions and interesting features such as:

PigRaid Minecraft PE server
PigRaid Minecraft PE server

1. Creating factions and the ability to completely control them. Organize your clan and declare a war on other players.
2. A wide variety of kits for all players. Each kit consists of a set of armor and some other items.
3. Create bases to protect your territory. Other fractions can also declare war on you, be ready for it.
4. If you are a peaceful player and do not want to fight then activate non PVP function.
5. There is a private server currency. You can get the money after the killing of other players.
6. Pets that can be tamed and follow you. Save up the money and go to the pet store.
7. PVP arena for those who can not imagine themselves without fighting.
8. And a lot more on our MCPE server.

PigRaid Minecraft PE server
PigRaid Minecraft PE server

Admins always monitor the observance of the rules and block hackers. Remember hacks are prohibited.



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