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For-Minecraft.com » Seeds for Minecraft PE » Floating Cliffs Seed for Minecraft PE 1.20

Floating Cliffs Seed for Minecraft PE 1.20

This is the second seed that sends you to the floating cliffs in Minecraft PE 1.20. Last time you could do this by typing this seed on version 1.19. This time you get a new seed with bigger rocks that don't seem to be affected by gravity at all. Once again, the world generation failed, forming such an unusual natural area.

By: Minecraft & Chill

Floating Cliffs Seed for Minecraft PE 1.20
Floating Cliffs Seed for Minecraft PE 1.20

Amazing cliffs:

While many seeds create huge canyons, dense forests, and endless oceans, this one pokes fun at the landscape as a whole. You probably came across strange mountains, the ledges of which did not always lend themselves to a logical explanation. This seed goes further, forming large cliffs floating in the air.

Floating Cliffs Seed
Floating Cliffs Seed

Base on top:

Like other seeds for Bedrock Edition 1.20, the Floating Cliffs Seed is presented as inhabited. Climb the highest cliff to plan and build your own unique base. It's actually not that easy to do, you'll need some jumping skills and steps to get to.

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