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For-Minecraft.com » Seeds for Minecraft PE » Snow Shipwreck Seed for MCPE 1.16

Snow Shipwreck Seed for MCPE 1.16

Which seed for Minecraft Bedrock Edition can be your starting one? One of the most beautiful and charming is this one, generating a shipwreck among the ice blocks. Use this number to get close to an undamaged ship whose crew probably left it long ago. It could be the perfect place to live in a cold biome like this one.

By: Minecraft & Chill

Snow Shipwreck Seed for MCPE
Snow Shipwreck Seed for MCPE

The ship stuck in ice:

Unlike other shipwrecks in Minecaft PE, the seed did differently by placing the ship on ice. Examine it from every angle and try to repair broken parts to prepare the ship for survival. In fact, it was not so badly damaged, the ship literally ran aground on ice.

You can also look into the hold and find loot chests there. But speaking of survival, the boat can easily be refitted for the first few days of your life. There is enough space for tables, furnaces and everything else you need to develop and level up.

Seed: 900500032


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