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For-Minecraft.com » Seeds for Minecraft PE » Bamboo Blacksmiths Seed for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16

Bamboo Blacksmiths Seed for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16

Choose the most peaceful and calm place for the first start using this seed. In this zone, the jungle village and the outpost awaiting attack located opposite were concentrated. It would seem that after a few hours or days the pillagers decide to attack the village by starting a war. But even endless battles will not be able to spoil the general essence of this seed consisting in a very picturesque place.

Found by Savicii
Explored by Minecraft & Chill

Two Opposites Seed:

Central features are the village and the outpost. It can be called two opposites fighting with each other for more than a day. Once in the village you will find a blacksmith in a bamboo grove and the rest of the village is in a neighboring lowland biome.

Bamboo Blacksmiths Seed for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16
Bamboo Blacksmiths Seed for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16
And the most dangerous neighbor is the inhabited outpost where several pillagers live. As always, they are armed with crossbows and their mood is not the best. At any moment, they are ready to rush into battle and try to destroy the village by capturing all the most valuable.

Bamboo Blacksmiths Seed
Bamboo Blacksmiths Seed

Place to start:

Do not know which seed to choose for a confident start? This one is interesting to consider if you need a warm biome with access to the sea as well as full village structures. There is also a ravine, a bamboo jungle and an outpost itself where you better not meddle until you have strong armor and weapons.

Seed: 1573577239


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