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For-Minecraft.com » Seeds for Minecraft PE » 7 Villages Seed for Minecraft PE

7 Villages Seed for Minecraft PE

An amazing thing happened during the generation of this world, that led to the fact that 7 villages are located here at once! You can not find any village playing MCPE Using this seed, you will stumble upon a village in any case, choosing either side of the world. Go in any direction and you will surely see the village. The location of the villages is very compact: each is located in a particular biome starting from a plain and ending in a dark forest.

A bit about the villages:

1) Villages differ in size: it can be both large and small consisting of 5 houses
2) It is populated by new villagers and there is also a chance to meet a wandering trader
3) Outposts with pillagers are located near some villages, wait for the raid
4) The maximum distance of one village from another is 150 blocks
5) The village on the plain is divided by a ravine where there is an abandoned mine

Seed: 347815779


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