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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Animated Player Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13+

Animated Player Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13+

Hey, this is real magic, you have never seen such a thing! The Animated Player Addon is what many players have been waiting for and that day has finally arrived. Thanks to the excellent work done, OSprintermax was able to animate the main characters of Minecraft instead of ridiculous movements. It is very important that you have Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.13 and newer installed, outdated versions unfortunately do not support animated features.

By: @OSprintermax

What actions are animated?

The addon is still progressing and getting new features among which there are the following.

Flying and jumping
Walking and crouching
Gliding with Elytra

Animated Player Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13
Animated Player Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13
These are the main actions you can do playing Minecraft PE, but there are others that may appear in future updates. To understand what it looks like, you need to go down below and take a look at the small demonstration videos where the author shows how it works.

Real animation:

How to install the Animated Player Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).
3. Choose your character (Alex or Steve) in the settings.

Download Animated Player Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13+


Joshua45244 (7 April 2020 14:35)
Group: Guest
Charles (18 March 2020 16:34)
Group: Guest
Me I Don't Like This Add-on Worst Add-on Ever You May See that it looks like mo' bends but it's not I more like mo'bends that animated player booooooo this isn't a real player animations fake fake fake fake
Dogproman (15 January 2020 06:30)
Group: Guest
Can you updated to 1.14
Liam Thompson (2 December 2019 05:24)
Group: Guest
The Addon Is not working
Alekos (25 November 2019 21:39)
Group: Guest
ElUTR (4 November 2019 11:50)
Group: Guest
Por favor pongan el addon en la 1.14.0.x
Nji (3 November 2019 20:34)
Group: Guest

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