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The End Mod 0.10.5

You can find the portal at the end as at the computer edition, using Ender's eyes. The End mod has a lot of features, you can fight with the dragon, to travel from one world to the other, as well as many others.


End Portal (ID: 122) - is located in the fortress.
Dragon Egg (ID: 180-186)
Eye of Ender (ID: 369) - drops from Enderman.
Ender Pearl (ID: 368) - drops from Enderman.

You need to have Eye of Ender, which can be obtained by killing Enderman. Click on the ground to throw the Eye of Ender and follow in the direction where the eye moves. If you are having problems with finding Ender Portal, you can download Too Many Items mod with which you will be able to build a portal.

The End Mod 0.10.5The End Mod 0.10.5

Dig and you'll have to find a room End Portal. Place the Eye of Ender in each of the End Portal blocks (all you need 12 Eye of Ender) and a portal will appear.

The End Mod 0.10.5
The End Mod 0.10.5

Download End.zip


Tristan (4 December 2016 04:21)
Group: Guest
I'm thinking of..... are you gonna be teleported to end or just another mod which you just teleported to place near THE sky... just asking?
Chi (1 June 2016 21:59)
Group: Guest
Good so work thx
Flori (19 March 2016 13:25)
Group: Guest
Were can you downoland this? laughing
hansel (4 February 2016 10:10)
Group: Guest
Not work for mcpe 0.13.1

Yea it doesnt work
Armando alamilla (26 May 2015 02:52)
Group: Guest

Bobby (22 May 2015 03:04)
Group: Guest
How do I download this
harry (22 May 2015 02:31)
Group: Guest
Good sssssssygjuygmymmyjhnyjhnjtnygnhnjgmjyymmgmhjygjhggh!jhmhj

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