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More weapons mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

With this modification, you can add many new elements in his game! There will be new blades, which can increase your jump and speed up your character! They have a damage of 1 to 7. There are the shields that are resistant to explosions!

It will be another innovation - the indicator of life, as well as the modification of the portal! Use the key - Ender's eyes for the portal.

Download More weapons mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5


chris redfield (21 August 2015 11:28)
Group: Guest
I whant it please
kristian (18 July 2015 18:36)
Group: Guest
So Awesome !!!!!!

it really works!!
Hi (31 May 2015 19:11)
Group: Guest
How do you use it
Mal (29 May 2015 04:49)
Group: Guest
When is the 0.10.5 coming out
CC (28 May 2015 20:56)
Group: Guest
Can't wait to use this!

Looks good
YuriTofuTroll232 (26 May 2015 14:37)
Group: Guest
How to download a mod?

How to download a mod?
Archie stanton (16 May 2015 11:21)
Group: Guest
Amazing website


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