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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » More drop 1.0 By Morro for MCPE 0.10.5

More drop 1.0 By Morro for MCPE 0.10.5

Mod allows you to receive up to 6 times more drop from any mob or plants. Thanks to mode you will collect up to 6 times more subjects, and therefore you do not have to kill a lot of mobs to collect the right amount of drop for recipes. Immediately after installing the mod automatically activated and will provide you with every kill mobs or plant 6 times more things! In addition to standard plants and mobs, mobs that bring new drop, just increase the amount of drop to give them.

More drop 1.0 By Morro for MCPE 0.10.5
More drop 1.0 By Morro for MCPE 0.10.5

Download Mas-Dropeo-v1.0_By-Morro.rar


  • Bats Mod for Minecraft PEThe mod adds a new mob - a bat. Although she is not so useful and does not cause damage, but in the murder of her drop items for crafting super sword that kills all alone with hit!
  • Tower Hour 2 map for MCPE 0.10.5On the map will be 20 combat zones, each of you will combat zones to 10 vicious mobs of different classes, but first you need to collect little things for survival.
  • Conquest Texture Pack for MCPE 0.10.4 / 0.10.5Conquest Texture - very high quality texture pack for MCPE , which contain high-quality textures of objects, and drop all the mobs.
  • Arcane Rings mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5The mod adds to the game 5 magic rings. If you wear the ring you are special abilities, such as flight or invisibility. How to make a ring?
  • Factorization mod 3.3 for Minecraft PE 0.9.5Script adds many different variety of mechanisms that may produce, process, manufacture. The script will automate our world. Replace these mods on the pc as industrial craft 2, buildcraft, partially
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