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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Griffins Addon for Minecraft PE 1.19/1.20

Griffins Addon for Minecraft PE 1.19/1.20

Fly up on a mighty griffin, or more precisely, an amazing dragon of the brightest color, which is an excellent companion for any player. Griffins Addon comes with large dragons, but not big enough to conquer the whole world. Having one as a pet, you can admire it as the most beautiful creature in Minecraft PE.

By: Elb.trek

Kinds of griffins/dragons:

There are 10 species, differing only in color, the model is extended to each of them, inheriting all the features. These are the colors and patterns that have already been added.

• white
• teal
• red
• purple
• pink
• green
• gold
• blue
• black
• aqua

Griffins Addon for Minecraft PE 1.19/1.20
Griffins Addon for Minecraft PE 1.19/1.20
Griffins Addon for Minecraft PE 1.19/1.20

Taming and flying:

Griffins live everywhere and eat any raw meat, being wild until tamed. If you want to raise your own dragon, you will need a special dragon egg (available only in creative mode for now). Place one dragon egg on the ground and wait for it to hatch. The tiny dragon grows faster if you feed it meat.

When you want to ride a dragon, simply place a saddle in its slot and sit on its back.

Griffins Addon
Griffins Addon
Griffins Addon

How to install the Griffins Addon?

1. Open the file using Minecraft.
2. Activate the addon. 

Download Griffins Addon v3.1 for Minecraft PE 1.19/1.20


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