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YG Mobs Addon for Minecraft PE 1.20

15 new entities and 3 new weapons are included in the first version of YG Mobs Addon for Bedrock Edition 1.20. What is it and why use it if there are in game vanilla mobs? In fact, the addon increases the number of creatures living in your worlds. Take standard mobs and add these to them to make a more lively world. And using new weapons you can quickly and effectively defeat enemies.


Fairy Entities:

1. Minotaur
2. Shrub
3. Remnant Soul
4. Queen Widow
5. Shadow Caster
6. Shades
7. Shadow Tomb
8. Shadow Orb
9. Goblin
10. Stone Golem
11. Wendigo
12. False Knight
13. Villager Knight
14. Soul Eater
15. Masked


- Minotaur Axe
- Dark Staff
- Iron Long Sword

YG Mobs Addon for Minecraft PE 1.20
YG Mobs Addon for Minecraft PE 1.20

Where do they live?

Finding new entities is not a problem. Each of the list has a natural spawn rule, extended to all biomes inhabited by vanilla entities. Move more around the world to meet one, or use spawn eggs to instantly spawn any of them.

YG Mobs Addon
YG Mobs Addon
YG Mobs Addon
A characteristic feature of each meanwhile are the sounds made when performing certain actions. And keep in mind that not all mobs are aggressive, some are neutral towards players and other creatures.

How to install the YG Mobs Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download YG Mobs Addon for Minecraft PE 1.20


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