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Monsterverse Mod for MCPE

4 giants will make your worlds the most dangerous place; these monsters are the destroyers of all life, they are so strong that individually they are able to trample any even the most powerful Minecraft mob. They are out of competition, no one and nothing is able to resist them and now they are around you.

By: Monster122

Monsterverse entities:

Titanus Gojira

Thermonuclear Godzilla

Titanus Kong

Titanus Kong with the Axe (just give the ancient axe to kong)

Mecha Godzilla

Monsterverse Mod for MCPE
Monsterverse Mod for MCPE
Monsterverse Mod for MCPE
Monsterverse Mod for MCPE
Each of the list is a titan with an incredible amount of HP and damage. Don't even try to fight them, it's pointless. Only the most experienced groups with super weapons are able to withstand such a ferocious enemy.

Monsterverse Mod
Monsterverse Mod
Monsterverse Mod
Monsterverse Mod

Rideable monsters:

One of the hidden features is the ride. Approach the monster and tap ride to get on its back. The size of each is so large that they are included in the category of giants.

How to install the Monsterverse Mod?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings). 

Download Monsterverse Mod for MCPE 1.19.60+


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