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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Dextens Chiselry Mod for Minecraft PE 1.19+

Dextens Chiselry Mod for Minecraft PE 1.19+

The construction of any structure in Minecraft involves the use of a wide range of blocks, but sometimes they are not enough. In these cases, Dexten's Chiselry comes with over 150 new vanilla-looking blocks, as well as a very useful one-tap texture change tool.

By: DextenMods

Categories and blocks:


Glass Chains
Glass Clean
Glass Flower
Glass Rhomboid
Glass Square
Glass Triangles
Glass Windows


Cobblestone Smooth
Cobblestone Prismarine
Cobblestone Carved
Cobblestone Carved Creeper
Cobblestone Carved Simple
Cobblestone Chiseled
Cobblestone Fancy Large Bricks
Cobblestone Fancy Tiles
Cobblestone Large Bricks
Cobblestone Paved
Cobblestone Paved Tiles
Cobblestone Polished Bricks
Cobblestone Raw
Cobblestone Short Bricks
Cobblestone Simple Tiles
Cobblestone Wall


Oak Short
Oak Parquet
Oak Short Nails
Oak Bricks
Oak Clean
Oak Crate
Oak Large Bricks
Oak Simple Tiles
Oak Vertical
Oak Vertical Large
Oak Vertical Large Tiles
Oak Vertical Short Tiles
Oak Vertical Tiles


Acacia Short
Acacia Parquet
Acacia Short Nails
Acacia Bricks
Acacia Clean
Acacia Crate
Acacia Large Bricks
Acacia Simple Tiles
Acacia Vertical
Acacia Vertical Large
Acacia Vertical Large Tiles
Acacia Vertical Short Tiles
Acacia Vertical Tiles


Spruce Short
Spruce Parquet
Spruce Short Nails
Spruce Bricks
Spruce Clean
Spruce Crate
Spruce Large Bricks
Spruce Simple Tiles
Spruce Vertical
Spruce Vertical Large
Spruce Vertical Large Tiles
Spruce Vertical Short Tiles
Spruce Vertical Tiles


Birch Short
Birch Parquet
Birch Short Nails
Birch Bricks
Birch Clean
Birch Crate
Birch Large Bricks
Birch Simple Tiles
Birch Vertical
Birch Vertical Large
Birch Vertical Large Tiles
Birch Vertical Short Tiles
Birch Vertical Tiles


Jungle Short
Jungle Parquet
Jungle Short Nails
Jungle Bricks
Jungle Clean
Jungle Crate
Jungle Large Bricks
Jungle Simple Tiles
Jungle Vertical
Jungle Vertical Large
Jungle Vertical Large Tiles
Jungle Vertical Short Tiles
Jungle Vertical Tiles

dark oak

Dark Oak Short
Dark Oak Parquet
Dark Oak Short Nails
Dark Oak Bricks
Dark Oak Clean
Dark Oak Crate
Dark Oak Large Bricks
Dark Oak Simple Tiles
Dark Oak Vertical
Dark Oak Vertical Large
Dark Oak Vertical Large Tiles
Dark Oak Vertical Short Tiles
Dark Oak Vertical Tiles


Crimson Short
Crimson Parquet
Crimson Short Nails
Crimson Bricks
Crimson Clean
Crimson Crate
Crimson Large Bricks
Crimson Simple Tiles
Crimson Vertical
Crimson Vertical Large
Crimson Vertical Large Tiles
Crimson Vertical Short Tiles
Crimson Vertical Tiles


Warped Short
Warped Parquet
Warped Short Nails
Warped Bricks
Warped Clean
Warped Crate
Warped Large Bricks
Warped Simple Tiles
Warped Vertical
Warped Vertical Large
Warped Vertical Large Tiles
Warped Vertical Short Tiles
Warped Vertical Tiles


Mangrove Short
Mangrove Parquet
Mangrove Short Nails
Mangrove Bricks
Mangrove Clean
Mangrove Crate
Mangrove Large Bricks
Mangrove Simple Tiles
Mangrove Vertical
Mangrove Vertical Large
Mangrove Vertical Large Tiles
Mangrove Vertical Short Tiles
Mangrove Vertical Tiles

How to install the Dextens Chiselry Mod?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Dextens Chiselry Mod for Minecraft PE 1.19+


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