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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » TPItems v1.0 for Minecraft 1.19+

TPItems v1.0 for Minecraft 1.19+

With this addon teleporting is real in all modes including multiplayer. Something similar is used on many minecraft servers but now it is available for both singleplayer and Realms. Request and confirm teleportation, create respawn points or change the starting point - this is a good tp addon with a user-friendly interface.

By: DeathSinger4221

TP Item:

Teleports happen through TP Item opening a small menu. Using the menu items, you can fully control the teleportation process, accepting and rejecting requests. Upon confirmation of the request, teleportation is done instantly.

Warp Item:

There are two menu items through which you set respawn or world spawn. As is already clear, respawn instantly teleports you to the point you set (the bed is not required to be placed).

TPItems v1.0 for Minecraft 1.19
The world spawn creates one specific point where you will spawn on death each time (if you don't have any beds placed in the world).

How to install the TPItems Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download TPItems v1.0 for Minecraft PE 1.19+


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