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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Location Markers Addon for MCPE 1.18

Location Markers Addon for MCPE 1.18

The game map becomes even more useful and interactive with this addon. It allows you as a player to leave markers on the map in the form of geometric shapes, as it looks on the PC, especially among similar radar mods. In the case of Location Markers, each one looks like a mark displayed on a crafted map.

By: MCD912

Improved map for Bedrock Edition:

In MCPE, the addon implements a whole system of commands, the use of which allows you to easily leave marks on the map. They are saved and will help you quickly find your base, structure or important location. There are 3 types of marks among which are arrows, dots and x's. In addition, each sign has several direction and color variations.

Location Markers Addon for MCPE 1.18
Location Markers Addon for MCPE 1.18

How do I add markers to the map?

All you have to do is stand where you want to mark on. Use one of the following commands:

/functions map_zoom_0/arrows/down/black
/functions map_zoom_0/arrows/down/blue
/functions map_zoom_0/arrows/down/red
/functions map_zoom_0/arrows/left/black
/functions map_zoom_0/arrows/left/blue
/functions map_zoom_0/arrows/left/red
/functions map_zoom_0/arrows/right/black
/functions map_zoom_0/arrows/right/blue
/functions map_zoom_0/arrows/right/red
/functions map_zoom_0/arrows/up/black
/functions map_zoom_0/arrows/up/blue
/functions map_zoom_0/arrows/up/red

/functions map_zoom_0/markers/black
/functions map_zoom_0/markers/blue
/functions map_zoom_0/markers/lime
/functions map_zoom_0/markers/orange
/functions map_zoom_0/markers/pink
/functions map_zoom_0/markers/red
/functions map_zoom_0/x/up/black
/functions map_zoom_0/x/up/blue
/functions map_zoom_0/x/up/red

Location Markers Addon
Location Markers Addon
Location Markers Addon

How to install the Location Markers Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcaddon) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Location Markers Addon for MCPE 1.18


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