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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » 3D Blocks Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17

3D Blocks Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17

The smooth surfaces of the blocks look rather boring if you work with them for a long time, building and digging. 3D Blocks Addon takes a step towards detailed blocks but as an addon, not a resource pack. This allows you to install the addon on current versions of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, including of course 1.17.

By: IndarZy

3D Detailed Blocks:

• cobblestone
• bricks
• planks
• brick slab
• chiseled stone bricks
• end stone bricks
• cracked stone bricks
• mossy stone bricks
• stone bricks
• end stone brick slab
• stone brick slab

3D Blocks Addon for Minecraft PE
3D Blocks Addon for Minecraft PE
3D Blocks Addon for Minecraft PE

What is it and what does it look like?

You may have seen mods or texture packs for Minecraft PC that replace the default blocks with more detailed ones. So the 3D Blocks Addon is something similar that is just beginning its development. The fact is that each separately considered block has an independent model with a special geometry. It takes a lot of time to create one 3D block, but still expect more blocks in future versions.

3D Blocks Addon
3D Blocks Addon
What can this be compared to? Parts attached to blocks look natural. For example, notice the bricks that seem to form the whole block.

Watch the video showing the current 3D blocks.

How to install the 3D Blocks Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download 3D Blocks Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17


notone092 (7 August 2021 02:33)
Group: Guest

สวยดี ได้ไปเลย10/10


Summit really cool

Summer summer 12448510/10

Summit เด็ดจริงๆ

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