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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Waystones Addon for Minecraft PE 1.17.2+

Waystones Addon for Minecraft PE 1.17.2+

Waystones are special statues designed for instant teleportation. There are 15 teleportation stones that differ in color - this means that you yourself choose which stone to teleport to. Unlike Waypoints for Bedrock Edition, this addon has the ability to dye stones yourself and also interact with them through the interface.

By: Andriel

How teleportation works:

In Waystones Addon you decide which teleportation points to create. Place waystones where you want to have quick points. Then dye each of the stones with dyes. Keep in mind that the waystone can only have one color.

Waystones Addon for Minecraft PE 1.17.2
Once you're done with that, click or tap the starting waystone. The menu that appears consists of numbers responsible for the addresses. Tap the number 1 to teleport to the red colored waypoint.

Waystones Addon
So, you can travel around the world with 15 teleportation points. There are enough of them to cover all the areas you use including rare biomes, mines and houses.

Waystones Addon


How to install the Waystones Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack or .mcaddon) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Waystones Addon for Minecraft PE 1.17


Anna (25 December 2022 14:32)
Group: Guest
Nice cool
TOTW (6 May 2022 14:09)
Group: Guest
will this work for the current version? I've seen pretty much the exact same mod on mcpedl and it's only worked up to
Mai Tấn Tỷ (16 December 2021 23:17)
Group: Guest
José Arthur Felisberto Costa dos Santos (5 December 2021 14:49)
Group: Guest
Cool i like so much Best addon indo The world so bye bye

Gostei pra caramba desses addon demais Parabéns pro criador
Vanda (16 August 2021 21:57)
Group: Guest

Eu adoro esse adoon

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