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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Mokkiyo Addon for MCPE 1.16.220+

Mokkiyo Addon for MCPE 1.16.220+

Mokkiyo Addon brings you over 50 new decorative items for your home. Its essence lies in the simplicity and attractiveness of decor items that preserve the style of Minecraft PE. It is these features that you will see when start decorating your rooms one by one in order to ultimately get a very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing place to live.

By: ItsMochie

Decorative Items:

• Boba Tea 1-5
• Packages
• Sofa 1-4
• Bathtub
• Desk 1-3
• Lamp
• Bathtub 1-2
• Toilet paper
• Toilet
• Paintings
• Plant
• Cake 1-4
• Ice cream 1-3
• Bed 1-10
• Jam jar 1-3
• Chair 1-3
• Faucet 1-2

Mokkiyo Addon for MCPE
Mokkiyo Addon for MCPE
Mokkiyo Addon for MCPE
Mokkiyo Addon for MCPE


Perhaps the main thing that you need to know about the objects is that they are not functional, that is, you can interact with them by activating, including or performing other actions. These are not functional blocks that have a decorative meaning.

Mokkiyo Addon
Mokkiyo Addon
Mokkiyo Addon
Mokkiyo Addon
If you are currently looking for functional furniture and electronics for Bedrock Edition of Minecraft then check out Peepss Furniture Addon. It features a wide variety of items from basic such as tables and chairs to more specific items such as doorbells and curtains. The standout fact is that many of the items are functional and can be activated by you.

How do I get the items?

How to install the Mokkiyo Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Mokkiyo Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16.220+


Maria Valentina Lima da Silva (21 January 2022 12:33)
Group: Guest
Suzy Sandab Ampuan (18 January 2022 19:45)
Group: Guest
How do i Download this
Gelson Mario (9 January 2022 09:14)
Group: Guest
Eu não sei se esse negócio funciona mais eu to querendo muito que fucione pois ao contrário vou denunciar por que to com medo pra quê vai querer meu e-mail!?
Maria (6 January 2022 15:59)
Group: Guest

Hufgjh (6 January 2022 14:08)
Group: Guest
Ruthinha (28 December 2021 10:12)
Group: Guest
Gente essa bosta é segura?? Ele pede e-Mail e eu fiquei com medo 😱
Salsabila genk (25 December 2021 01:57)
Group: Guest
Gimana cara donwload nya
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