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Inner Core for Minecraft PE 1.16

This is especially good news for those who are still awaiting InnerCore update for Minecraft PE 1.16! So, Inner Core for 1.16 is ready to a greater extent and at the moment it is going through the testing and bug detection stage. IndustrialCraft 2 and BuildCraft have functional bases and working content including most of the machines and items.

The current version of the IC app runs on MCPE version 1.11.4 and will continue to work for some time after the release of update 1.16.

Minecraft PE Mod Packs:

Mod-packs for Inner Core allow you to install several pre-configured mods as a whole and quickly switch between them. Support for mod packs is almost ready and will be included in the first stable version. In addition, there will be additional options for working with assembly files for special mods.

Mod packs will also greatly simplify playing with mods in multiplayer, because you do not have to install the same mods on several devices yourself and ensure that all mods support multiplayer. It is enough just to install some pack for the network game. Moreover, the packages play very well with servers.

Own Server Core:

Local multiplayer, which was added a few months ago, is certainly good, but we should move on. We are planning to create and release our own server core, most likely only for Minecraft PE 1.16. Although it will take a long time besides other plans, we think it will be completed by the summer, and most likely much earlier.

Inner Core for Minecraft PE 1.16
Inner Core for Minecraft PE 1.16
The server core will allow you to create full-fledged servers with mod packs and everyone will be able to connect who has the same packs installed as on the server. They can be created even by people who cannot create MCPE mods themselves.

What's already done?

• Item models
• Dimensions
• All events related to blocks and items
• Callback for generating custom biome map
• Editing weather parameters for dimensions or changing them at any time
• Crafting items and blocks
• Basic properties of blocks and objects
• ICRender fully works
• Implemented custom particles, all their properties and capabilities
• Xbox sign in

When is the release?

In fact, there is only a small part of the work left before the release of Inner Core for Minecraft PE 1.16, and most likely it will roll out around the beginning of next month. Stay tuned for the updates in the post (Inner Core for Minecraft Bedrock) so you don't miss this update.

Download Inner Core for Minecraft PE


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