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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Prehistoric PE Addon v0.6.7 for Minecraft 1.16/1.17/1.18.12

Prehistoric PE Addon v0.6.7 for Minecraft 1.16/1.17/1.18.12

Prehistoric PE like time machine will send you in a few million years ago at a time when the club was literally the main mining tool. With this Minecraft PE addon, you will learn how to mine resources using only stone and bones, and your favorite pets will be real dinosaurs. Prehistoric PE Addon can be called an Ark simulator if you have played it at least once.

By: ANightDazingZoroark

Changelog v0.6.7:

  • New Creature: Baryonyx
    • A poisonous piscivore that can be used as an aquatic and land mount
    • When they are in water they will secrete a substance that will cause surrounding mobs to get poisoned
    • Have two attacks, a stronger bite attack and a weaker poison claw attack. These can be used when ridden via the command staff
  • Added new costumes for the Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus. The way to obtain these is the same as with obtaining the Halloween and Birthday costumes

Changelog v0.6.3:

Added Saurophaganax
  • A nocturnal mob that only feeds on monsters and bugs and does tons of damage to them
  • Are stronger than the Tyrannosaurus
  • Are neutral
  • Every 10 monsters/bugs they kill they release a light blast that deals 30 damage to all surrounding monsters/bugs
  • Requires bug treats or carrion treats to be tamed

  • Creatures
    • General
      • You can now give tamed creatures potions to give them potion effects and milk to clear all the effects
      • Tamed Mobs will take half damage from wild mobs of the same kind (e.x., a tamed Tyrannosaurus will take half damage from wild Tyrannosauruses)
      • Tamed creatures can no longer damage players in any way shape or form (aka the addon is somewhat PvE or singleplayer only)
    • Sarcosuchus
      • Wild Sarcos can now navigate on land properly and will walk to nearest body of water when they're on land
      • Stegosaurus
        • Now have small and sharp plates at the end of their tail
        • They may fling them at their targets when angered
        • This ability can also be utilized when they're tamed
      • Tyrannosaurus
        • Can now be tamed with carrion treats
  • Items
    • Mortars will now only target mobs in a 64 x 64 area 16 blocks ahead of the direction they're facing (same goes for the ones on the back of an Apatosaurus)
New Additions
  • Added Mob Events
    • Every noon there's a 1/4 chance that a mob event will happen, where mobs will spawn en masse surrounding the player
    • So far there are 2, being Raptor Raid and Megapiranha Swarm
    • Raptor Raids will spawn Utahraptors
    • Megapiranha Swarms will spawn overflowing blobs of water filled with Megapiranhas
  • Added Sofas
    • They're basically comfier chairs
    • Requires wool to be built
  • Added Benches
    • Long chairs that you and your friends can sit on
    • Requires wood or plastic to be built
  • Added Taxidermy Stand
    • Requires planks to be built
    • Interact with them while holding a tribute item to add a taxidermized creature
    • You can change the pose, appearance, and rotation of the taxidermy by using the furniture tool
  • Added Aggravating Horn
    • When used, all tamed creatures that are not sitting will attack all nearby mobs until they kill a target

Changelog v0.6.1:

  • Added the Catapult
    • A new stationary weapon
    • Mobs that are hit by it and are not killed by it will be stunned
  • Added Catapult Boulder
    • Required to use the catapult
  • Items
    • The wrench can now be used to rotate catapults and cannons
    • Loot sacks can now be stacked
    • Megapiranha Meat can now be used to make fish treats
  • Creatures
    • General
      • Did some tweaking to their AI goals (moving around and attacking and etc)
      • Tamed creatures will now have an icon on top of them with stuff about their health and if they're sitting (just like the tameable mobs from Borgy's Mobs)
      • Changed swimming controls, swimming mounts will sink by default, can be made to rise by pressing jump, can be made to hover in water by double jumping, and can have their hovering disabled by jumping
      • Creatures killed with controlled attacks now drop xp
      • Changed how cooldowns for command staff abilities work to try fix some random bug involving cooldowns not being put into effect
    • Anomalocaris
      • Now counts as an arthropod (Bane of Arthropods anyone?)
    • Apatosaurus
      • You can now equip catapults on them
      • Buffed damage to 80
      • Can now destroy all wooden furniture
    • Dimetrodon
      • Giving a stimulant to a Dimetrodon will now give back the bowl
    • Megapiranha
      • Will no longer attack players that are riding a mob
      • Made it so they will no longer drop loot sacks
      • Reduced spawn rates, they should spawn less frequently and their swarms should be smaller
      • Will now spawn in underwater caverns if you turn on the caves and cliffs generation
    • Parasaurolophus
      • Will now panic when they take damage
    • Sarcosuchus
      • Nerfed the spin attack when on land, it will only do 15 damage when it uses the spin attack on land
      • It still does 35 damage while using the spin attack but only when in water
    • Stegosaurus
      • Nerfed speed from 0.25 to 0.15
    • Triceratops
      • Nerfed speed from 0.25 to 0.175
      • Their stab attack now allows them to be able to break blocks at toughnesses weaker than or equal to wood
      • Will no longer attack tamed Tyrannosauruses
      • Their charge attack can now destroy Azalea related things, dripleaves, and wooden furniture
        • Tyrannosaurus
      • Their bite attack now allows them to be able to break blocks at toughnesses weaker than or equal to wood
      • Will grant nearly all mobs nearby weakness
      • Will no longer attack players that are riding a mob
      • Their roar can now destroy Azalea related things and wooden furniture
        • Utahraptor
      • Wild Utahraptors will no longer attack players that are riding a mob
      • Wild Utahraptors will attack tamed Utahraptors that have a rider
      • Utahraptors become faster when pursuing a target
  • Vanilla Stuff
    • Spiders, cave spiders, silverfish, and bees drop chitin and hemolymph

Changelog v0.6.0:

  • Added Coelacanth
    • Boring fish found in the deeper parts of the ocean
    • Don't eat them, they're bad for your health
  • Add Megapiranha
    • Found in the rivers of practically any biome in swarms
    • Will swarm you to death if you're not careful
  • Added Sarcosuchus
    • Found in the rivers and swamps
    • Stay in the water passively, and will attack anything that steps in their territory
    • Has two command staff abilities
      • A simple bite attack
      • A death roll that will slow down and do massive damage to all surrounding mobs
    • Megapiranhas, Drowned, and Guardians will run away from them
  • Added Anomalocaris
    • Found in the deeper parts of the ocean
    • Can become invisible to avoid being seen
    • Has three command staff abilities
      • A simple bite attack
      • Grab nearby mobs
      • Turn itself and its rider invisible
  • Loot Sack
    • Comes in 4 rarities
    • Dropped by carnivores
    • Depending on the rarity, you may get some useful (and maybe even epic) loot
  • Furniture Blueprints
    • Can only be obtained from loot sacks
    • Are required to make furniture
  • Crude Oil
    • Can be obtained by placing Coelacanth meat in the crafting menu (shapeless)
    • Can be smelted to obtain plastic frame
    • Can be used as fuel in furnaces, blast furnaces, and smokers, and they last quite long
  • Plastic Frame
    • Can be crafted into plastic furniture
  • Furniture Bench
    • Is required to make furniture, yeet
    • You need to put furniture blueprints in them first
  • Wooden Furniture
    • Furniture made of wood
    • Can break easily
    • Includes chairs and tables for now
  • Plastic Furniture
    • Furniture made of plastic
    • Are quite durable
    • Includes chairs and tables for now
  • Plastic Blocks
    • Regular building blocks that come in all kinds of colors
    • Are between wood and stone in terms of toughness
  • Furniture Tool
    • An item that lets you change the appearance of your furniture
    • Works for tables only for the time being
  • General
    • Most mobs will now drop leather
    • Tier 2 creatures will have an icon above their heads to show when they can be fed again
  • Dimetrodon
    • Frost mode dimetrodons should now be able to apply slowness and weakness to its targets
  • Parasaurolophus
    • Reduced volume of sounds
  • Triceratops
    • Added new passive ability, which is the rival buff
      • When in the presence of a large carnivore or a boss, it will gain resistance and a damage buff
  • Utahraptor
    • Wild Utahraptors will now come to the aid of any wild Utahraptor that is attacked or has a target
  • Crimson and Warped thatch blocks are no longer flammable
  • Dolphins will now attack back when forced attacked
  • Fixes

Survival Features:

In the prehistoric world there are no peaceful animals, the whole planet is inhabited by huge creatures dinosaurs. Even if the dinosaur seems cute and not dangerous, do not get close to it wearing weak armor or having few health hearts. Examine the dinosaurs carefully one by one to find those you can tame.

Your main tools will be stone and bone clubs, spears and knives, as well as armor. Look for berries and food used to tame dinosaurs and fight with those who consider you as food. For protection, take a prehistoric shield and as a spear weapon.

Prehistoric PE Addon for Minecraft
Prehistoric PE Addon for Minecraft
Prehistoric PE Addon for Minecraft
Prehistoric PE Addon for Minecraft
Prehistoric PE Addon for Minecraft


• Stegosaurus
• Tyrannosaurus
• Dodo
• Triceratops
• Utahraptor
• Apatosaurus
• Parasaurolophus
• Dimetrodon
• Coelacanth
• Megapiranha
• Sarcosuchus
• Anomalocaris
• Saurophaganax

Prehistoric PE Addon
Prehistoric PE Addon
Prehistoric PE Addon
Prehistoric PE Addon
Prehistoric PE Addon

Dino Food:

• Berry Treat
• Cooked Dodo Meat
• Cooked Exotic Meat
• Fish Treat
• Flesh Treat
• Grassy Treat
• Leafy Treat
• Raw Dodo Meat
• Raw Exotic Meat
• Rooted Treat

Crafting Recipes:


How to install the Prehistoric PE Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).
3. Experimental gameplay must be enabled.

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Download Prehistoric PE Addon v0.6.7 for Minecraft PE
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