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Destructive Arrows Pack for Minecraft Bedrock

This addon has a very good chance of being very useful not only for survival but also for mini-games. Destructive Arrows Pack are functions built on the original game and do not require anything else giving simple arrows more features. If you always thought that arrows in Minecraft Bedrock Edition should be able to destroy blocks, then just install this pack.

By: Scommander

Destructive Arrows Pack for Minecraft Bedrock

Arrows can destroy the following blocks:

• sapling
• leaves
• leaves2
• tallgrass
• deadbush
• seagrass
• turtle egg
• nether wart
• red flower
• cocoa
• yellow flower
• double plant
• brown mushroom
• red mushroom
• brown mushroom block
• red mushroom block
• cactus
• snow
• snow layer
• chorus flower
• chorus plant
• glass
• glass pane
• stained glass
• stained glass pane
• vine
• waterlily
• melon block
• pumpkin
• carved pumpkin
• lit pumpkin
• ice
• monster egg
• wheat
• carrots
• potatoes
• flower pot
• pumpkin stem
• melon stem
• reeds
• bamboo
• bamboo sapling
• sea pickle
• scaffolding
• coral
• coral block
• coral fan
• coral fan dead
• coral fan hang
• kelp
• glowstone
• beetroot

Destructive Arrows Pack
Destructive Arrows Pack
All of these blocks can really be destroyed by arrows if you hit them. Where can this be used? Scommander has shown some areas of application for this addon when destructible blocks are used as targets, hidden mechanism-blocks, or auto farms.

Blocks changeable when hit by arrows:

• cobblestone
• stone
• dirt
• grass
• mycelium
• podzol
• stonebrick
• end bricks

In cases when you hit the changeable blocks, they will be replaced by another block specified in the config, where you can add more blocks or replace one with another.

Destructive Arrows Pack for Minecraft Bedrock

How to install the Destructive Arrows Pack?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).
3. Experimental gameplay must be enabled.

Download Destructive Arrows Pack for Minecraft Bedrock


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