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Fast-O Miner Mod for Minecraft PE 1.16

Undoubtedly, Fast-O Miner is an indispensable mod for miners and lumberjacks, being in one file. Bedrock Edition is no exception, as other editions of Minecraft any blocks can only be mined separately, which slows down quite a lot and takes a lot of time. But everything changes when you install Fast-O Miner.

By: AsilZade

How does Fast-O Miner work?

It combines both trees and ore veins into one add-on allowing players to accelerate the extraction of resources several times. Having played at least once with this addon, you can no longer play without it. Fast O Miner is so good that after a few days of playing you can not imagine the original mining.


To cut down a whole tree, tap or click sneaking and break the bottom block of the tree. A broken lower block will automatically bring down the blocks above so that you get all the logs at once. It works with any trees from oak to acacia.

Fast-O Miner Mod for Minecraft PE 1.16
Fast-O Miner Mod for Minecraft PE 1.16

Ore mining:

Combining two in one, Fast-O Miner provides ample opportunities for ore mining. Below are listed all the blocks that are included in the addon and can be mined by you. Like the lumberjack feature, snaking activates the addon and causes the blocks to break at the same time, but only those that touch each other.

• clay
• coal ore
• diamond ore
• emerald
• gold ore
• gravel
• iron ore
• lapis
• log
• quartz
• redstone ore

Fast-O Miner Mod
Fast-O Miner Mod
Fast-O Miner Mod

How to install the Fast-O Miner Mod?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Fast-O Miner Mod for Minecraft PE 1.16


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