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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » WorldEdit Mod for Minecraft Bedrock [IC]

WorldEdit Mod for Minecraft Bedrock [IC]

Here is the full WorldEdit for Minecraft Bedrock Edition running on Inner Core. In a general sense, it corresponds to the Java version offering the same features and functions. There are all the commands included in the default World Edit. First of all, it will be needed by those who play with installed IC mods or just want a convenient world editing tool.

By: 80LK

WorldEdit Commands:

//reg / //region

What does WorldEdit do?

The reason why WorldEdit is actively used by most builders is its convenience. You only need to have a basic idea of how the mod works in order to edit the world.

Using it, you can cut and copy selected areas, add separate regions, replace or expand borders, and do many other things.

WorldEdit Mod for Minecraft Bedrock
Without exaggeration, this is the easiest and most useful mod for any map maker in Minecraft Bedrock if you do not consider third-party apps.

WorldEdit Mod

How to select areas?

World Edit PE works like a cube. To create an editing area, take an ax (//wand) and make the first position (hit the first block - the edge of the area). Then make the second position by selecting the second block diagonally.

Once an area is created, you can perform any operations by editing your area as you like. Thanks to the memory features, save and duplicate areas, add new structures.

How to install the WorldEdit Mod?

1. Install Inner Core.
2. Download and open the [.icmod] file.

Download WorldEdit Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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