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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » World of Adventures Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition [IC]

World of Adventures Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition [IC]

This mod adds more realism to Minecraft PE, everything is very simple. Keep in mind that survival will be very difficult, especially in the initial stages. Melt metals, process stones and make burnt clay. Now you will be thirsty, the extraction of many resources is much more difficult, etc.

By: Shaman Kenoby

How to start survival?

So, after the world is created, we find that we can break trees with our hands, but we will lose the entire drop. Therefore, we set off to look for stones and sticks generated on the surface. To take you just tap on them. In addition, sticks with some chance fall out of the foliage, which is now not an obstacle for the player (you can configure). It is also necessary to collect plant fiber falling from the grass. It will be needed later.

Stone Age in Minecraft Bedrock

Now you need to process several stones you have collected. To do this, take at least 2 stones in your hand and tap them on any block. To process stones, it is necessary to delete certain fragments in the form by tapping. Stone processing patterns are similar to TerraFirmaCraft.

Available for crafting:

• Ax
• Knife
• Spear
• Shovel
• Hoe

World of Adventures Crafting:

Now it's time to make a crafting table. To do this, obtain wood using a stone ax blade. Using a crafting table we can make plant twine and rope from it. Connecting a workpiece with a rope and a stick we get the tools. With a knife, we can gather some hay by cutting grass.


So, after some time you will notice the need to quench your thirst. Craft a wooden bucket, fill with water in the nearest body of water and drink it by tapping it on any block.


So, we have already created items that will allow us to survive. But it's time to move on. Now we have to find clay. Burn clay in a furnace, make a pottery kiln from bricks you get. Collect more clay and make forms.

World of Adventures Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition


Now craft a sifter. Use sand or gravel until you get enough copper nuggets. The next step is bellows and a blast furnace. Combine their output into one. The bellows delivers air to the furnace (one tap for one cycle). Melt the ingots obtained from the furnace or nuggets and pour metal into the molds.

Connecting the workpiece with a rope and a stick we get the tools. Now you can go to the mine.

Additional mechanisms:

1) Barrel

Used for salting fish.

2) Composter

Allows you to process organics into bone meal.

3) Bonfire

Used for cooking. It can be ignited with a lighter, igniter or torch.

World of Adventures Mod
World of Adventures Mod

How to install the World of Adventures Mod?

1. Install Inner Core.
2. Download and open the [.icmod] file.

Download World of Adventures Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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This is very interesting.,I plan to move to the Chinese forum; are you interested in cooperation?

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