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Sethome Mod for Minecraft PE

After joining any Minecraft server, you will discover the possibility of teleporting and creating teleportation points. Of course, this greatly facilitates movement around the world, in particular when you are hundreds of chunks from home and do not want to overcome this distance using only running, mobs or boats. So why not add the Sethome feature to single player?

By: 80LK

What is Sethome?

This is the simple name of a text command that creates a teleportation point. Why is it needed? So that you can teleport there at any time and after a second be at a given point. Anyone who played on servers and used this command will confirm that it is very convenient not only to save time but also for safety.

Sethome Mod for Minecraft PE


/home set [name] - point creation
/home del [name] - delete point
/home [name] - tp to point

Sethome Mod for Minecraft PE


The mod does not cause conflicts with other IC mods and is intended for singleplayer. You can install additional modifications with Sethome.

Sethome Mod

How to install the Sethome Mod?

1. Install Inner Core.
2. Download and open the [.icmod] file.

Download Sethome Mod for Minecraft PE


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