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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » littleMaid Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

littleMaid Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

The mod adds to the gameplay of new residents - namely, the maids, who will follow you everywhere, and if evil mobs attacking you want, they will immediately do everything to destroy them, acting as bodyguards.
Also girls maids constantly talk to you.

littleMaid Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5
littleMaid Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5
littleMaid Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5
littleMaid Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

As well maids manage to copy all of your movements and actions, and may even follow you on tall buildings and roofs. Craft maids using eggs spawn. Going with the maids on a journey you will not be bored, and angry mobs will not be able to kill you.

Download 0.10.5.rar


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dzul (23 August 2021 21:01)
Group: Guest
Strippergirl (7 January 2017 07:00)
Group: Guest
Stupid mod fuck this ??
Korn Jirayu (2 December 2015 02:40)
Group: Guest
How to download?
Daniel (28 June 2015 04:17)
Group: Guest
Cht?l bych tento m?d d?kuji

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