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WolfGuns Mod for Minecraft PE

A huge desert eagle can frighten anyone, this is not a harmless bow with arrows. To get such a gun you will need the WolfGuns Mod which was originally released on Minecraft PC and is now slowly moving to Bedrock Edition (InnerCore). In addition to deagle you have a choice between 4 pistols, the rest of the weapons in the process of development.

By: 80LK

WolfGuns Mod for Minecraft PE

Weapon Models:

Beretta M9

speed: 10
cartridges: 15
damage: 5

Makarov pistol

speed: 10
cartridges: 8
damage: 5

SIG Sauer P226

speed: 10
cartridges: 10
damage: 6

Desert Eagle

speed: 10
cartridges: 7
damage: 10


Look at the left and right corners of the screen. There are new buttons for new features. Using the left you can reload your weapon, and tapping on the right you can aim.

Weapons and ammo crafting:

So far this is a beta version and only one component is available to you (weapon body). In the future, new components will appear using which you can assemble unique firearms right from the parts.

Each gun requires ammo and pistol clip. You can reload by getting enough ammo. And of course, you will hear realistic sounds during a shot and reload.

How to install the WolfGuns Mod:

1. Open the file through Inner Core.
2. Go to the game settings and activate the mod.

Download WolfGuns Mod for Minecraft PE


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