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Awesome Mod Pack for Minecraft PE 1.12

12 best modifications included in this mod pack, only the most famous and proven modifications for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. All of them work only with the pre-installed BlockLauncher, do not forget to download it below. Supremo Steve became a packer, choosing the most downloaded mods such as DesnoGuns and Mini-Map. The modpack is compatible with MCPE as well as older ones.

By: Supremo Steve

Included mods:

Damage Indicator PE
Elemental Sword PE
Moldable Tools
Inventory Pets PE

A bit about the mods:

This mod pack is of particular interest to those who have not previously installed any of the mods. Highlighting the most important: DesnoGuns will give you a huge assortiment of weapons including ammo, modifiers (scopes, silencers) and more. Parallel to this, Elemental Swords will add many fantasy swords with insane effects.

For survival, there are TreeCapitator and MiniMap as well as a number of other mods that improve orientation on the terrain and simplify tree extraction. Damage Indicator PE will tell you how strong your enemy is, and Inventory Pets PE enlivens your inventory with new tiny pets.

Awesome Mod Pack for Minecraft PE 1.12
Awesome Mod Pack for Minecraft PE 1.12
Awesome Mod Pack for Minecraft PE 1.12

How to install the Awesome Mod Pack?

1. Download the archive (it contains all the mods listed above.
2. Download BlockLauncher and install it.
3. Open BL -> Select ModPE -> Activate the mods you want.

Download Awesome Mod Pack for Minecraft PE 1.12


Fred (8 September 2019 11:32)
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It is really nice and the stuff is easy

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