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Slopes Mod for Minecraft PE

Professional builders in MCPE will say thanks after downloading this modification. The Slopes Mod adds 14 new blocks that break the cubic style of the game completely. Most likely you have seen a similar mod for Minecraft PC and would like to get it in PE. Well, Nkjgjg did a good job and ported slopes to your favorite Bedrock Edition under the Inner Core launcher.

Slopes Mod for Minecraft PE

What are slopes and how to use them?

The slopes are the same steps but in a different form. They have a similar recipe but perform a different role during construction. First of all, the slopes will allow you as an experienced miner to create realistic smooth roofs for mansions and houses.

Slopes Mod for Minecraft PE
Slopes Mod for Minecraft PE
Do you want an even slide on which you can climb without jumping? Or maybe you need to smooth corners and achieve absolute evenness? This can be done with the help of the slopes in Minecraft PE which are fully functional like the other blocks.

Available Slopes:

Oak Wood
Spruce Wood
Birch Wood
Jungle Wood
Acacia Wood
Darkoak Wood
Red Sandstone
Stone Brick
Nether Brick

Slopes Mod for Minecraft PE

Crafting recipe (example):

Slopes Mod for Minecraft PE Crafting recipe

How to install the Slopes Mod?

1. Download InnerCore.
2. Open the mod file using IC.
3. Installation completed.

Download Slopes Mod for Minecraft PE


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