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Roost Mod v1.1 for Minecraft PE

The last addon added to the site is Animal Farm and it transforms the player’s comic farms into realistic ones. And in order to accurately close the farmer's question, here is the Roost mod which adds more options for raising chickens and creating chicken coops in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Now you can interact with hens using chicken coops and several other tools.
By: nkjgjg

Changelog v1.1:

Added 83 chickens!
Addon support.

Roost Mod
Roost Mod

New tools:

Chicken Catcher - allows you to grab a chicken and keep it in a special device. By taking a chicken you can let it out anywhere or put it in a chicken coop.

Roost - a place to roost and raise small chicks. You will receive all drop, check the chicken coops several times a day.

Chicken Breeder - chicken breeding box. Plant two species of chicken and wait for the new chicken to appear. More convenient than using eggs and increasing the chances of getting new chickens.

Roost Collector - device for collecting all items from the chicken coop and breeder in the nearest area of action.

As you can see, using the Roost mod in MCBE you can create a giant chicken farm and collect dozens of eggs and feathers.

How to install the Roost mod?

1. Download and install Inner Core.
2. Open the file using IC.

Download Roost mod for Minecraft PE
Download Roost mod v1.1 for Minecraft PE


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