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Dragons addon for Minecraft PE 1.6+

Train your dragon and get an excellent and strong friend! The Dragons addon adds 4 different dragons from the cartoon How to train your dragon. They can be tamed and become your companions, but alas they do not know how to talk or interact with the player. Also, the dragons are not able to fly, but you can ride them like horses at high speed.

By: 8Fernancraft

Dragons addon for Minecraft PE 1.6+
Dragons addon for Minecraft PE 1.6+
Dragons addon for Minecraft PE 1.6+
Dragons addon for Minecraft PE 1.6+

Available dragons:

  • Night Fury
  • Terrible Terror
  • Gronckle
  • Stormfly
  • Dragon Hunters

Dragons addon for Minecraft PE 1.6+
Dragons addon for Minecraft PE 1.6+
Dragons addon for Minecraft PE 1.6+

How to tame the Dragons?

For simplicity, the creator of the addon did so you will need raw fish so that the dragon becomes your friend. Feed it and after that you can ride your dragon or attack enemies together. Each dragon has a unique set of parameters and has different damage.

In addition, dragon hunters will spawn in your world and attack any dragon, so you, as the master, will have to help your pet and in rare cases to fight.

How to install the Dragons addon?

1. Open the file (.mcaddon) using MCPE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Dragons addon for Minecraft PE 1.6+


Omar (4 November 2022 11:24)
Group: Guest
midnight (31 December 2019 11:09)
Group: Guest
TOMTheDragonTamer you can get minecraft on pc for free use tlancher also im making a dragon mod for 1.12.2 on pc minecraft you can join my discord if you would like to see progress of it
Ali Murtadha (16 March 2019 02:52)
Group: Guest
i want the How to train your dragon addon for mcpe
FirewingAndSans (26 February 2019 13:53)
Group: Guest
When when I spawned any dragon or dragon hunter all I got was a weird mob with a messed up texture
Caelonpulley (4 November 2018 10:45)
Group: Guest
I cant
TomTheDragonTamer (20 August 2018 04:40)
Group: Guest
And i for got pls turn the parrot into a Purple Terrible terror
TomTheDragonTamer (19 August 2018 23:05)
Group: Guest
If ur reading this if your the owner pls update this dragon addon turn the iron golem into a LightFury and the silverFish FireWorm and the polar bear into a hotburple and New Phantom from the bedrock version turn the phantom into a Smokering Smokebreathe and turn the diamond horse armor into toothless tail and u can wear it to toothless so he can fly and pls turn the jump button when ur rideing a dragon if u click the jump button the dragon will fly and if u click sneak and that will make u unmount the dragon and turn the diamond sword into a hiccups fire sword called the inferno and turn the dolphin from the bedrock versiion into a scualdron and turn the elder guardian to the mighty submarriper and turn the turtle from the bedrocks version Into the mighty Shellfire

And i for got pls turn the Wolf into a SnowWraith Dragon

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