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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » 2 Hands mod for Minecraft PE 1.4+

2 Hands mod for Minecraft PE 1.4+

The original name of the modification is Dual Wielding and it is designed to activate the second player's hand. In fact, Two Hands mod only allows you to hold items in the second hand without the ability to use. This can be liked by screenshot makers or if you want to surprise someone but there is not much benefit.

2 Hands mod for Minecraft PE 1.4+

The second hand can hold only objects, the blocks do not work and do not appear. Most likely two active hands with the same functions will appear in Minecraft VR and for now you can only keep the totem.

2 Hands mod for Minecraft PE 1.4+

How to install 2 Hands mod?

Download this mod and BlockLauncher.
Run BL and select ModPE -> activate .js.
The mod is installed!

Download 2 Hands mod for Minecraft PE 1.4.4+


Player (25 September 2020 07:59)
Group: Guest
Can you put anything in your off hand
Erica lima (19 June 2018 17:10)
Group: Guest
Oi pessoal

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