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Better Swords mod for MCPE 1.2

In order not to spoil the atmosphere of Minecraft and diversify the arsenal of weapons, you can install the Better Swords mod and get an additional 6 new swords based on vanilla ones. New swords do not only look spectacular, they are also more powerful than vanilla ones but require more items for crafting. Their superiority lies in the fact that the damage will be greater with increased strength.

By: elprodelcod

Better Swords mod for MCPE 1.2

Better swords and crafting recipes:

1. Better diamond sword (10 dmg) - 8 diamond blocks + 1 diamond sword

2. Better gold sword (9 dmg) - 8 gold blocks + 1 gold sword

3. Better iron sword (9 dmg + fire) - 8 iron blocks + 1 iron sword

4. Better stone sword (6 dmg) - 8 stone blocks + 1 stone sword

5. Better wooden sword (explosive) - 8 oak woods + 1 wooden sword

6. Troll sword (505) - 9 dirt blocks

I think vanilla swords will recede into the background, since improved ones are more suitable for large-scale battles.

How to install the Better Swords mod?

Download the mod and open BlockLauncher (BL).
Click the wrench and activate the mod (.modpkg).

Download Better Swords mod for MCPE 1.2


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