» » Weather Deflector addon (Minecraft PE) (IC)

Weather Deflector addon (Minecraft PE) (IC)

This small addon adds a magic block, or rather a mechanism that allows you to change the weather. This thing is compatible with the Ender IO mod and requires fuel for operation. Changing the weather is impossible in survival mode for an honest player not using cheats, so this block was added to MCPE.

Weather Deflector addon (Minecraft PE) (IC)

To use the weather deflector:

1. Place the block and tap on it.
2. There is a slot for fuel in the opened interface, fill it (for example coal).
3. Tap on the button below the slot and the weather will gradually change.

Weather Deflector addon (Minecraft PE) (IC)

How to install the Weather Deflector addon?

1. Download and install Inner Core.
2. Copy the WeatherMod folder here: games/com.mojang/mods.

Download Weather Deflector addon


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