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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Scarecrow addon for MCPE 1.2

Scarecrow addon for MCPE 1.2

Like any normal farmer, you grow plants to eventually harvest a large crop and cook a lot of delicious food. But what if the dirty animals make their way to your farm and spoil your crops? At the moment, Minecraft PE can not provide you anything useful to protect the farm.

By: JoePaleto

Scarecrow addon for MCPE 1.2

In that case, try the Scarecrow addon which adds two statues similar to a human form. There are two types of scarecrows: the first one can drive away only rabbits who adore carrots, and the second type works as a guard, frightening aggressive mobs.

Scarecrow addon for MCPE 1.2

Their recipe is simple and shown in the screenshots. You need an armor stand, armor (leather or iron) and a sword (only for the second type). The finished scarecrow is immobilized but repels the pests with its appearance. Put it somewhere in the middle of the field and go for your business. Oh yeah, pay attention to the Pam's Harvest Craft PE mod, you've never before seen so much new food, seeds and plants.

How to install the Scarecrow addon?

Download the file and open it using the game.
Go to the game setting and activate it.

Download Scarecrow addon for MCPE 1.2


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