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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » TOP 5 vehicle addons for Minecraft PE

TOP 5 vehicle addons for Minecraft PE

While the Mech Mod remains the best mod of all for Minecraft PE, which adds a large list of vehicles, but there is one big limitation - it has not been updated for a long time and supports outdated versions of MCPE (on 1.2 you will see bugs).

Anyway, every player wants to have his own car, motorcycle or plane, or maybe even a tank. To realize this desire, this post has collected 5 best addons which add excellent and irreplaceable vehicles in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

1. Lamborghini addon (download)

TOP 5 vehicle addons for Minecraft PE

So, the first one is a Lamborghini. This supercar is capable of very fast acceleration, and also has a delightful appearance and interior. Driving this car and you will forever forget about ordinary walks or horse riding. The addon presents several colors, so choose the one that you really like.

2. Jeeps addon (download)

TOP 5 vehicle addons for Minecraft PE

On the second place is a jeep perfectly adapted for difficult road conditions. It is very passable and can stop on steep slopes. This car is unpretentious and perfectly used in snowy or desert biomes.

3. Cross motorcycle addon (download)

TOP 5 vehicle addons for Minecraft PE

If you do not need bulky cars or your garage is very small and can not accommodate a jeep, then we bring you a motorcycle. This vehicle equally well moves both on smooth roads of the big city, and on impassability. The motorcycle is single-seater cycle and in the dark is very noticeable due to the included headlight.

4. Tanks addon (download)

TOP 5 vehicle addons for Minecraft PE

Forget about beautiful sports cars, the tank can blow up or crush any vehicle or even a house. The tank is a complex armored vehicle equipped with a cannon and a machine gun. Try to drive this and destroy a few structures on your way.

5. UFO addon (download)

TOP 5 vehicle addons for Minecraft PE

This is the strangest air vehicle. It was built not on Earth and is an average vehicle of aliens. People have repeatedly noticed such plates in the sky in different parts of the world.

Important: All the addons are compatible with the latest version of MCPE Bedrock - 1.2 (at this point). Installation are in every post.


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