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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Armageddon addon for Minecraft PE 1.1/1.2

Armageddon addon for Minecraft PE 1.1/1.2

There are not many natural disasters in Minecraft PE that could destroy your farm or damage your home. But a peaceful life ends sooner or later and horror sets in. The Armageddon addon adds a new cataclysm described as a huge bolt of lightning. It's enough to destroy a small wooden house, and the remaining lights will set everything on fire.

Armageddon addon for Minecraft PE 1.1/1.2

How to play with this?

To see this dangerous natural phenomenon you need only two components: survival mode and rain. During a lightning strike, the charge will cause a small explosion and also a lot of fire around in the place of impact. Any area can become a point of defeat: you or any structure, mobs or piece of land. You can hide from it only if you build a strong bunker consisting of several layers.

Armageddon addon for Minecraft PE 1.1/1.2

If you are surprised by this addon, then for sure you will be happy to install the Falling Meteor PE mod, which introduces new space bodies - meteorites. They fall randomly in any biome and contain elements that do not exist in the ordinary world of Minecraft PE.

How to install the Armageddon addon?

Open the game and go to settings.
Activate the downloaded files (resource and behavior packs).

Download Armageddon addon for Minecraft PE 1.1/1.2


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