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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Cats and Mice addon (Minecraft PE)

Cats and Mice addon (Minecraft PE)

We can offer you a whole set of ready-made addons with which you will feel the comfort of home and will be able to get a cute pet. But that your pet is not bored and not only ate and slept, the Cats and Mice addon adds real rodents. They are not as cute and friendly as in cartoons, the addon makes mice very aggressive and protect their territory.

Cats and Mice addon (Minecraft PE)

Do you have a large mansion and want to settle a cat in it? Then find the cat in the wild and feed it some fish. After this action, the cat found will become your pet, settle it in your house.

Cats and Mice addon (Minecraft PE)

If the cat notices the mouse, it instantly without hesitation will attack the rodent and try to kill very quickly. Cats live quite a long time if they do not participate in bloody battles with it. Well, to make a pet enjoyable, you can always build a beautiful and comfortable place for it. Animals Homes Ideas will show you this on the map.

How to install the Cats and Mice addon?

Start the game and go to settings.
Activate the downloaded files (resource and behavior packs).

Download Cats and Mice addon (Minecraft PE)


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