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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » X- Ray addon (Minecraft PE 1.2.5)

X- Ray addon (Minecraft PE 1.2.5)

As you know, X-Ray allows players to see everything that is under the ground: precious ores, tunnels, treasures and strongholds. There are more advanced versions, for example Toolbox provides such capabilities and you can activate X-Ray mode at any time along with other equally useful functions.

X- Ray addon (Minecraft PE 1.2.5)

But not all players want to install third-party apps and understand their principle, while add-ons are a very simple alternative, working on virtually any version of the game. This X-Ray supports the latest Minecraft 1.2 (as well as the beta version). Activation occurs through settings and only in single mode.
Compatible with MCPE 1.2.5.
Works on Android, iOS, Win10.

X- Ray addon (Minecraft PE 1.2.5)

How to install the X- Ray addon?

1. Start the game and go to settings.
2. Activate the downloaded files (the resource and behavior packs).

Download X-Ray addon (Minecraft PE 1.2)
Download X-Ray addon (Minecraft PE 1.2.5)


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