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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » New villagers for Minecraft PE 1.1/1.2

New villagers for Minecraft PE 1.1/1.2

The addon adds 2 new types of villagers who can offer you quite rare goods. They are not difficult to distinguish from ordinary villagers and they are always ready to exchange a bunch of your things for more valuable ones. In fact, you can get what you could not find early after a few hours of searching. But know that you need to give away other less valuable things in exchange for a new one.

Creator: PiAndAHalf

New villagers for Minecraft PE 1.1/1.2

How to find new villagers?

There are two types of villagers that are added to the addon at the moment. They differ from each other with an assortment of goods and a skin.

1) Alchemist.
2) Tinkerer.
3) Enchanter (in future versions)
4) Time Traveler (-/-)
5) Civilian (-/-)
6) Guard (-/-)

New villagers for Minecraft PE 1.1/1.2

Find them and tap the Trade button. Select the item you want to receive and collect what the villager requires. Then make an exchange and continue to use the services. There is no trading limit, so you can endlessly exchange items using advantageous offers.

How to install the New villagers addon:

1. Download the addon and open it using MCPE.
2. Start the game and activate the addon in the world settings.

Download New villagers for Minecraft PE 1.1/1.2


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