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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Master Tools (Minecraft PE 1.2)

Master Tools (Minecraft PE 1.2)

Master Tools is a special set of tools that has some similarities with Toolbox. Using this you get access to a lot of parameters and this is not limited to switching modes without going into settings. You will be pleasantly surprised by the convenience and functionality of this mod and for sure you will no longer want to play without it.

Creator: Master PE™
Master Tools (Minecraft PE 1.2)


Comfortable menus and categories.
No glitches.
Works with BL.
Ability to customize.
Two languages: Portuguese and English.

Master Tools (Minecraft PE 1.2)
Master Tools (Minecraft PE 1.2)

Yea, apps like MCPE Master outperform the Master Tools mod, but the creator did not seek to make an exact copy. This mod is suitable for those who are tired of survival and want to get more opportunities without installing a lot of third-party mods.

Master Tools (Minecraft PE 1.2)


Change game modes.
Adding potion effects.
Change spawn.
Weather and time.
Getting items.
Spawn of mobs.
Mount any mob.
Get experience (10XP or more).
All crafting recipes.
And more..

Master Tools (Minecraft PE 1.2)

The mod is compatible with Minecraft PE 1.2 and does not cause failures. Also note that it does not work on MCPE servers.

How to install the Master Tools mod?

1. Download this mod and BlockLauncher.
2. Run BL and select ModPE -> activate the file (.modpkg).
3. The mod is installed!

Download Master Tools (Minecraft PE 1.2)


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