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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Modified Bonus Chest for Minecraft PE 1.2

Modified Bonus Chest for Minecraft PE 1.2

Yesterday, developers released a big update, Minecraft PE 1.2 for Android and Win10, which contains a bunch of new. One of the features is a bonus chest with an inexpensive loot. It is designed for easy start of the game and is the starting kit so that players do not break trees with their hands but use tools to extract resources, as well as a small set of food for the first days of survival.

Modified Bonus Chest for Minecraft PE 1.2

Now simple objects are replaced with diamonds, emeralds, strong armor and weapons. With this kit, you can not be afraid of anyone and in a few minutes kill a couple of powerful mobs to get a good drop. If you do not like these items, then you can easily add what you want.

1. Open the spawn_bonus_chest.json file with a text editor.
2. Replace the item name with your own. For example, "name": "minecraft: [the object that you want]".
3. Save the file and start the game with the activated addon.
4. And do not forget to enable the bonus chests option in the settings of your world.

Download Modified Bonus Chest for Minecraft PE 1.2


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