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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Team Fortress 2 addon v2 (MCPE 1.6+)

Team Fortress 2 addon v2 (MCPE 1.6+)

This is a thematic and very high quality addon with which you get a piece of TF2. The Team Fortress 2 addon adds 3 very important items without which the engineer is a useless member of the team. There are a box with tools, a sentry and a dispenser, all items perform certain functions and are very useful in combat. The addon is recommended for team games where there is a battle between several teams using weapons and auxiliary tools.

Team Fortress 2 addon v2 (MCPE 1.6+)
Changelog v2:
Added new textures
Fixed behavior
Support for Minecraft Bedrock 1.6+

How to get and use new items?

Shulker is the main mob that is replaced with the toolbox. Take a few shulker eggs and throw them where you need to place the sentry or dispenser. Then take rose red or lapis lazuli dyes to spawn these objects.

Team Fortress 2 addon v2 (MCPE 1.6+)

Mini turret is a good tool for protecting a certain area from opponents. The turret automatically detects enemies and attacks them without requiring ammo. So far there is no way to fix it.

Team Fortress 2 addon v2 (MCPE 1.6+)

Dispenser provides players with ammunition and health points in TF2. It can only restore the health of those who are nearby. It does not need anything or will work until it is destroyed. Probably, Rexiar complement this addon with new ideas and Minecraft PE will get a full mode.

Download Team Fortress 2 addon
Download Team Fortress 2 addon v2


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