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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Marine addon (MCPE 1.1+)

Marine addon (MCPE 1.1+)

I'll start with the fact that this is just an addon, accordingly there are no very useful functions here. But one way or another, the Marine addon adds three different water vehicles, so to speak, which perform a very necessary function of rapid movement across the seas and oceans. Moreover, if your house is on the waterfront then do not miss the opportunity to ride a fast boat or make a round-the-world trip on a sailboat.

Marine addon (MCPE 1.1+)

The Marine addon has several disadvantages that can disappoint many players. First, forget about the real physics and parameters of the boats, since they work almost identically, the only difference is the speed. Secondly, these boats look not so cool as we would like, the models are quite simple. Well, in the third, to control them you need a key that changes the direction of movement, that is, you always need to turn your eyes in different directions.

Marine addon (MCPE 1.1+)

Although you are unlikely to find such add-ons for the game since currently changing water parameters is almost a new function of Minecraft PE 1.1. In any case, the Marine addon is a great opportunity for those who want to get a water scooter, a sailing boat or a fast motor boat.

Marine addon (MCPE 1.1+)
Marine addon (MCPE 1.1+)

Do you want to see realistic land, air, water and military vehicles in Minecraft Pocket Edition? Then open the Mech Mod (link) and install it (works on older versions).

Download Marine addon (MCPE 1.1+)


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