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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Furniture addon v5 - Baby Edition (Minecraft PE 1.2)

Furniture addon v5 - Baby Edition (Minecraft PE 1.2)

Furniture addons flooded the Internet, you saw a lot of similar additions that add different furniture to Minecraft PE. Mine-Furniture is one of the biggest add-ons that adds 24 household items. In addition to a wide choice, this furniture can perform some functions comparable to the real objects that we use every day.
By: MicoLets_MCs

Furniture addon v5 - Baby Edition (Minecraft PE 1.2)

For example, a player can take a bath or listen to music, store food in the refrigerator or sit on a chair.
Thanks to this, your house will acquire much more functions and will look more realistic. It is unlikely that a medieval house is suitable for these purposes, so download a modern one or build a small cottage.

Furniture addon v5 - Baby Edition (Minecraft PE 1.2)

Furniture addon v5 - Baby Edition (Minecraft PE 1.2)

How to get the furniture?

Mine-Furniture only replaces items, so you can not get the furniture without using commands or creative mode. Take a shulker egg (DLbox) and throw it into the place where you want to put the furniture. Then you will need different shulker colors to turn the DLbox into something.

Furniture addon v5 - Baby Edition (Minecraft PE 1.2)

Use a long tap on the DLbox, after which the box is transformed into the desired object. All items are divided into categories suitable for certain rooms.


Table - can store items, but you can not put objects on the table.
Chair - you can sit on it.
Refrigerator - food storage place.
Coffee Table - item storage place.
Red and blue stools - you can sit on them.
Blender - a decorative item (in version 2, it can mix potions).
Grill - used as a stove for cooking meat.
Trash can - stores unnecessary items.


Bathtub - there are two types of baths: filled with water and without water. You can fill the tub with water using soap and then bathe. A bucket can drain the water.
Toilet - you can sit on it.

Furniture addon v5 - Baby Edition (Minecraft PE 1.2)

Living room:

Computer - decorative thing (in version 2, it can store jewelry).
Statue - decorative item, but perhaps a place to store weapons in the future.
Radio - plays melodies with the help of a gold ingot.
Huge safe - can be used as a bunker.
TV - decorative element.
Electric fan - animated decorative element.
Phone and mailbox.
Children's room:
Baby crib (different types of wood).
Toy bear.
Diapers for turning into a baby.
Now all furniture is named.

Furniture addon v5 - Baby Edition (Minecraft PE 1.2)

The Mine-Furniture addon is very similar to the Modern Furniture addon (download), although it contains more items. The addon will be updated, so wait for new furniture and report bugs here - MicoLets_MCs.

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